We Had an Idea on How to Bring an Old Bakery Business Back to Life

The dog treat industry continues to grow despite the amount of products that are available. The scare of the dog food from China that had melamine has made products made in the USA even more popular. Some companies are labeling their sources of ingredients and certifying them as being all-natural with very specific preservatives for shelf life. We had an idea for dog treats we were gong to sell locally, and all we needed was controlled vacuum packaging equipment to get started. We bought some used bakery equipment and leased the space it was in. The bakery was for human-grade products, and we had the space re-certified and licensed to sell human-grade food products.

We choose and use all human-grade ingredients that are also safe for canine consumption as a treat. We produce crunchy cookies that are certified and inspected to be fully suitable for human consumption but designed to be safe to eat by canines. It is the first treat of this kind that we know of. There is an extreme novelty of pet owners buying the treats and showing their friends and family that people can eat them too. Of course, the treats are not as tasty as most human confections, but they do have their own unique flavors that are intriguing.

We use carob instead of chocolate, and we use a specialized icing for the cookies that is based on yogurt products. The filling in our sandwich cookies is peanut butter. We have meaty biscuits and jerky too. Though the jerky is certified to be eaten by people too, it is not as spicy as your typical jerky. We tell people it is safe for you to eat, but it is created to be digestible by your dogs so as to not upset their stomachs. The packaging machines allow us to use preprinted rolls of Mylar bag material to make our quotas each week. We had no idea that we would have to add two more controlled vacuum packaging machines to keep up with demand. Soon we will be able to quit our day jobs and just make dog treats.

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