Long Lasting Weatherstrips for Auto Use

My car has a leak in it somewhere, such that whenever it rains, water is getting into the car and soaking the floor on the front driver side. I have put some towels down there, but that is not an effective long-term solution. Besides, I can’t use the towels when the car is in use, because I do not want to risk them getting bunched up and stuck behind a pedal, which could prove quite dangerous. I am going to buy some new automotive weatherstrips to put around the doors of the car and hope that solves the problem. I haven’t been abel to identify the source of the leak though, so I don’t know if it is the weatherstrips for sure or not, but it is a good place to start in my quest to fix this issue.

Even if it turns out that the weatherstrips are not the source of my current leak problems, they probably need to be replaced anyway, because they have not held up very well over the years and are in pretty bad shape. They have dry rotted and are dry and cracking in lots of places. I am worried they would just crumble and fall off completely if given much more time without replacement, so it is something that needs to get done either way.

Hopefully though, it will solve the leak problem, because if not, then I am not even sure what else to look at for the source of the leak. It seems kind of strange though. It is just on the one front side of the car where water is getting in when it rains, and that is probably the least convenient place that the leak could occur, since it is where I sit most often, and the water is making my car smell quite bad.

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