I Needed to Choose My Energy Provider

When I moved back to Texas, I was surprised to find out that we were actually allowed to pick out our own energy provider. I had not lived there for nearly 20 years, and this was one of the only changes that I could tell, other than a bit of development in the town I had moved back to. I decided to go online and compare Texas electric rates for the different companies that offer energy to the town I had grown up in, and I was able to find out a good bit about each one thanks to a website that I had found.

The first thing I learned was all about the deregulation. I was able to learn when it happened, why it happened, and the advantages to Texas residents because it did happen. The main advantage is that it makes the entire market more competitive. Instead of one company having a monopoly on energy costs, there are a number of businesses that are competing against each other, which means that energy costs are kept lower than usual so people will flock to the company with the lowest prices.

I was able to compare the different companies on this website, which was extremely informative to me. I was able to read about the different types of plans, the lengths of each one, how much I would pay for each one, but I was also able to read a lot more. Each company has its strength which draws a certain type of customer. This could be the way they handle green energy, the way they give back to the community, or the way they just make life easier for each customer. That was the part that really interested me, and it is how I finally chose the company that provides my house with power.

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