Corporate Door Gifts for Party

My company is having a bit of a party, or celebration, coming up in a month, and I am on the committee that is responsible for planning events. We are going to have a lot of our clients at the party, or at least, a lot of them have been invited. So we thought it’d be a good time to do something nice for them. I am looking into sellers of door gifts in Singapore, as we are going to try to hand out some gifts at the door to the clients who show up for the celebration.

The celebration coincides with a holiday, and it is partially celebration of that, but it is also a celebration of the fact that we have had record sales this year, and we extended an invitation to the party to most of our clients, in order to try to thank them, to an extnet, for the business that they have givem us over the previous year. It has been a great year, to be sure, and hopefully, next year will be even better, but to be realistic, it is going to be hard to exceed the year that we had this year for a number of reasons. But anyway, that is beside the point, and I need to get focused on planning this event, because I have a lot of details that are not finished yet.

But the main focus, at the moment, is just to figure out the door gift situation. I need to find a company that sells gifts that are along the lines of what we are looking for. We do not need anything too expensive or fancy, but at the same time, they should be fairly nice. By that I mean they need to be nice enough to convey our appreciation.

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