A Tongue in Cheek Approach to Marketing

With Ewen Chia, an Internet Marketing Guru, leading the way for new business owners on the web to establish themselves I find that it’s becoming ever more important to stress the actual use of social media platforms as well as the need for a smart business model and not just an idea that hasn’t a plan behind it. It’s easy to get excited about a business idea; I’ve been there (I feel like I’m always there).While we want to rush out and start making social media profiles to give it some substance it’s also necessary to have a plan of any kind.

Having a plan for your business is the best method to define it. Social media profiles are great and they’re useful but without a plan of action to put them to some kind of use they’re nothing but a name. Not to mention there are bots on the web that will quickly snap up domain names based on the names of social media profiles. If those bots have been designed to seek out business names before they have a domain name, they’ll purchase a domain and try to sell it back to you; this has happened to me a couple of times.

Social media is the best method to quickly improve your brand’s association to very specific keywords. The more content that you have established through social media and your own domains, the more likely that a user’s search query is going to be able to search you out through Google, Bing or Yahoo. It’s important to know the audience and market you’re attempting to penetrate; don’t try too hard. It’s far too easy for a Twitter campaign to fall flat on its face so make sure that the campaign isn’t going to strike any nerves online and is more tongue in cheek than anything.

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