A Miracle Message of Wisdom

In my trusty old email inbox, the same one that never seems to block any advertisements or send them into the spam folder, left me a message that I should look at all of the positive Ewen Chia reviews and try my hand at doing some affiliate marketing work instead of working my fingers to the bone at a normal back breaking job. Like all of the other messages that I read from my inbox, this one got my attention, so I decided to check out these reviews to see if they were on the level. Of course, the reviews were positive and praised the work of Chia.

Reading more about affiliate marketing and how Chia used it caused me to see it in a different light. I was convinced that I could be doing affiliate marketing work from my home, rather than going into the office every day to copy papers and type long boring emails. I set up a website on the side and did some marketing, and it didn’t take long for me to earn my first $1,000. Usually I become excited about earning $100 from anything, but $1,000 sounded a bit more exciting to me, especially for something that promised to produce a lot of money.

It didn’t make much sense for me to work both the office job and do marketing at the same time, so I left the office job and became a full time marketer. Marketing didn’t feel like much of a job when compared to my office job because it was so easy to do. Normally, I would be complaining about my office job to myself only after a couple of hours of being at work. I never found myself complaining about marketing, especially since I can do it at home while sitting on the couch.

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