A Fisherman’s Life for Me

When I moved to the coast, I didn’t imagine myself becoming a fisherman, but now that I cam, I can’t think of doing anything else. Being on the open water is exciting and dangerous at the same time. There are some times when the amount of fish that I catch is low, but most of the time I can haul in a pretty big load. I have a waterproof scale that I use to measure the weight of each fish that gets sold at the market. The bigger the fish, the higher the price it gets, and the more meat the customer gets.

I keep a record of the weight of the fish that I catch in a day. Some of the fish I can weigh directly on the scale, while others have to be in a container because they move around to much. When using the container, I set the scale to ignore the weight of the container to give me an accurate reading. Ever so often I’ll get a fish that is bigger than any of the fish I’ve caught and it will have the highest weight. It’s kind of like setting a record each time.

I sell the fish whole, and also cut them at the request of my customers. Some people don’t like to deal with the work of cutting and scaling a fish. I personally enjoy scaling a fish, but I can see why some other people wouldn’t like it. Scaling takes a lot of work and the smell of raw fish can be nauseating to some. Fish steaks are the most popular form of cut fish that I sell, followed by fish fillets. I also sell the left over fish guts for anyone who wants to buy them. Some people like to use them as bait when they go fishing for recreational purposes.

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