A Better Chance for Success

Much of American’s infrastructure has been focused on the coastal boundaries of the nation which is not uncommon through most of the developed world. What is unique about the United States is the number of individuals still living in rural communities often deeply disconnected from basic utility services, including access to high speed Internet. Hughesnet Internet is a service provider able to reach out to those rural communities who have only experienced Sloth like Internet speeds offered only by dial up. This can come at a cost and is a hotly debated subject due to the prohibitive fee associated with connecting lines in a rural area.

I firmly believe that this should not come at any cost required to be paid by residents. The Internet has quickly grown to become one of the most necessary utilities that we’ve developed. It’s incredible depth of data has helped improve the global and local economies while offering people the chance to improve themselves by offering free access to education. It’s a tool that none of our children should have to do without. Not being able to utilize the Internet for these reasons alone should be a black mark against the local government who has been unable to deploy it.

Of course it’s not cheap. However, Internet Service Providers are leaping at the chance to be able to reach more customers. If the price was paid for by the local government there would be no doubt a flock of providers reaching out to them to do the digging necessary to lay cable. Every individual has a right to the Internet. We all deserve as many tools to give us a chance to succeed in this world. It’s not always easy for rural residents to escape their lifestyle and it’s often due to the lack of basic utilities.

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